2017/2018 TV Ratings – Compare Top Rated TVs

The following product review ratings for TVs are based on a rating scale from 1 (denoting the poorest quality) to 10 (signifying the very best quality). Picture quality is double-weighted in the Overall Score calculation. Our professional editorial review staff Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner have more than 10 years each of Television review experience. All TV models below were thoroughly tested and calibrated to near D6500K before being reviewed and rated on Picture, Features, Value and Overall ratings. We take pride in our review process and hope you enjoy the reviews or at least use this ratings page as a guide when making your purchasing decisions. Please click on the model number below to access the entire review. At the top of the review page there is also a link to the calibrations page for most of the reviews where you can view and copy the Picture Settings we use for each TV. Video processor testing results are also contained on the calibration page.

Our Calibrated Picture Settings for each TV are free for you to use without having to pay for professional calibration.



Manufacturer / ModelScreenPicture QualityFeaturesValueOverall
2017/2018 TV Models
Sony XBR55A1E Review55″98948493/100
Sony XBR-49X800E Review49″84938485/100
Sony XBR-75X850E Review75″88939190/100
Sony XBR-65X850E Review55″88939190/100
Sony XBR-65X900E Review55″93919393/100
Sony XBR-55X900E Review55″93919393/100
Sony XBR-65X930E Bravia Review65″94928891/100
Sony XBR-55X930E Bravia Review55″94928891/100
Sony XBR-49X800D Bravia Review49″93908490/100
Sony XBR-55X930D Bravia Review55″92909292/100
Sony XBR-55X850D Bravia Review55″92938490/100
Sony XBR-65X850D Bravia Review65″92938490/100
Samsung UN55MU7500FXZA Review55″88859088/100
Samsung UN65MU6500 Review65″85849287/100
Samsung UN55MU6500FXZA Review55″85849287/100
Samsung UN65MU9000FXZA Review55″93898488/100
Samsung QN55Q7F Review55″93908388/100
Samsung UN65MU8500FXZA Review65″89899088/100
Samsung UN75MU8000FXZA Review65″89889189/100
Samsung UN65MU8000FXZA Review65″89889189/100
Samsung UN65MU6300FXZA Review65″85889087/100
Samsung UN65MU7000FXZA Review65″88889487/100
Samsung UN55KU6250 Review55″83849386/100
Samsung 55KU6290 Review55″86859489/100
Samsung 55KU7000 Review55″88859088/100
Samsung 65KU7000 Review65″88859088/100
Samsung 55KU6500 Review65″”88859088/100
Samsung 65KU6500 Review65″88859088/100
Samsung 60KU6300 Review60″86949490/100
Samsung 65KU6300 Review65″86949490/100
Samsung UN55KS9000 Review55″92888889/100
Samsung UN55KS9000 Review55″92888889/100
Samsung 65KS8000 Review65″92878890/100
Samsung UN60KS8000 Review60″92878892/100
Sharp LC-65N9000 Review65″96927888/100
Sharp LC-70N7100U Review70″96929093/100
Sharp LC-55N7100U Review80″92858890/100
Sharp LC-55N5300U Review55″92878291/100
Sharp LC-60N5100U Review60″92878491/100
Sharp LC-55N4000U Review55″94907887/100
Sharp LC-50N4000U Review50″90858787/100
Sharp LC-40N3000U Review40″90858989/100
Sharp LC-32N3000U Review32″92868688/100
LG 65UJ7700 Review65″86909288/100
LG 55UJ7700 Review55″86909288/100
LG 77SJ8570 Review77″89939289/100
LG 60SJ8500 Review60″89939289/100
LG OLED65E7P Review65″98927992/100
LG OLED55E7P Review55″98927992/100
LG OLED65B7P Review65″98928484/100
LG OLED55B7P Review55″98928494/100
LG 22LH4530 Review22″90868687/100
LG 32LH550B Review32″85848986/100
LG OLED55E6P Review55″85868990/100
LG OLED65B6P Review65″85868990/100
LG OLED65G6P Review65″98937690/100
LG OLED65E6P Review65″98917991/100
LG 65UH8500 Review65″90948991/100
LG 75UH8500 Review75″90947988/100
LG 55UH7700 Review55″90928990/100
LG 65UH6550 Review65″86909089/100
LG 75UH6550 Review75″86909089/100
Vizio M70-D3 Review70″92859490/100
Vizio M65-D0 Review65″92859490/100
Vizio D65U-D2 Review65″87839286/100
Vizio D70-D3 Review70″81799284/100