Development of the Best OLED TV

The development of the best OLED TV is still in progress. While many OLED TV reviews reveals there are outstanding models on the market today, they are sure to continue improving this progressive technology. In 2010, DuPont announced they were able to make a 50-inch OLED TV in just two minutes thanks to an updated printing technology. Industry leaders are working on 3D OLED TV models and an array of features to appeal to modern television viewers with a tech edge.

This type of technology developed by DuPont could help reduce the cost of buying one of the best OLED TVs. This cheaper technology would also last up to 15 years of normal daily viewing, extending the lifespan of OLED televisions. Currently there are thousands of patents associated with the creation and development of the best OLED TVs. Large and small technology corporations are working on this technology. However, use could be subject to patents held by huge corporations such as Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Royal Philips Electronics, DuPont and others.