How To Find The Best Online Deals On Black Friday 2017

December 23rd, 2017

The Black Friday 2017 countdown has already begun and people are excited to know about the hottest items and deals that will be available. Most of the people wait all year for this day to come so that they can pick their desired items at a very low price. You can also get the best deals on this day but you’ll have to do some research and avoid some mistakes so that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong items.

Sometimes those items that prove to be the bestsellers or the hottest ones are not even the ones that are termed as ‘best deals’ by the sellers. If you are looking forward to benefiting from the best Black Friday deals, we have got you covered. From shopping tips to Black Friday best deals 2017, we will make sure that you are not left behind on the great sale days of this year.

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When Is The Black Friday Coming?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and many people are wondering how many days until Black Friday 2017 are left. This online sales fiesta is coming on 24th of November, 2017 and will happen after the Christian thanksgiving in U.S. There is a lot of competition among different retailers which present their items for sale on Black Friday, and thus many of them announce their deals ahead of the Black Friday.

You have to be attentive and keep an eye on the hottest deals and Black Friday 2017 ads so that you don’t miss out on any of them. Cyber Monday is always celebrated after the Black Friday event and many people consider it as an extension of Black Friday only. As this day will approach, your inbox will be loaded with various retailers and brands guaranteeing a huge discount on their products.

History of Black Friday

Black Friday history dates back to earlier times and was not actually associated with shopping but to a financial crisis which struck the U.S. in the 19th century. The Thanksgiving holiday was already announced by President Lincoln for every year’s last Thursday of November. So, Thanksgiving holiday started quite earlier than Black Friday and the first Thanksgiving parade was held in 1905 by the Canadian department store. Since then, there was always a controversy on celebrating the Thanksgiving day, as some people wanted to celebrate it on the fourth Thursday while others wanted it to be held on the fifth one. In 1941, a law was passed and Thanksgiving was declared to be held on the fourth Thursday of November.

Today’s Top Early Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2017 UK wasn’t a popular day until 1966. At that time, a magazine known as The American Philatelist, published a story and the Philadelphia police used Black Friday to describe the crowded situation at the stores and the traffic jams. After that, shoppers started shopping on the last weekends of November and December and sales started increasing every year.

In 2009, the sales increased by 0.3% as compared to the previous year and in 2010 the holiday sales were around $45 billion. In 2011, the stores opened for the first time on the Thanksgiving evening and in 2013 the entire sales of the Black Friday weekend accounted to $57.4 million.

Now Black Friday is one of the most famous events and everyone wants to know how many days until Black Friday are left.

What Were The Black Friday Best Deals 2016?

There are lots of enchanting deals on Black Friday but last year some items were sold more than others. This list is not a comprehensive one as there were so many Black Friday best deals 2016, but this list will give you an idea of those items that were the hottest ones. Black Friday 2016 was a big day and according to an estimate around £1.27 billion was spent in one day in UK market. This amount was 16 percent more than last year, and it is expected to rise for the Black Friday 2017 UK. Following were the top 3 deals of Black Friday 2016:

Gaming consoles:

The Black Friday Xbox deal was the hottest one and it was one of the most purchased items online. The Xbox One S was the favorite of many gaming enthusiasts and was being sold at a good discount at Kohl’s, Microsoft, and Walmart. The other gaming consoles which were one of the Black Friday best deals 2016 were XOne S Minecraft Favorites Console Bundle, Xbox One X, PS4 Slim, PS4 Gold and Xbox One S Minecraft Special Edition Console.

Xbox One X Black Friday Deals


Black Friday 2017 TV deals were also the hottest ones and people waited for the wholed year to get huge discounts on the big brands of TVs. The Black Friday 2016 was packed with amazing TV deals which included TVs at nearly half of the original price. The bestseller was the LG 60’’ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV and was available at quite a low price at various online platforms. Other Black Friday Sales on TVs include Samsung 55 inch 4K TV, Vizio M60 60 inch, and Samsung 55-inch LED 4K.

Laptops and Tablets:

The Black Friday tablet deals were also the best ones which included Surface Pro 4, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Dell XPS 13, and HP Envy x360. The iPad Air 2 was selling at a very low price as compared to the original one and thus it was one of the bestselling items available. Keep and eye because sometimes you can also get a good bargain at the pre-Black Friday sales laptops where the devices are selling at a very low price.

Black Friday Laptop Deals


The best Black Friday drone deals 2016 included DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter, Yuneec Typhoon H, and DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter. Black Friday GoPro Deals 2016 was also the hot ones, and GoPro Karma was a hot selling item. If you own a GoPro camera, then this drone will be a good choice for you.

 Top 5 Amazon Black Friday Deals of 2017

Best Online Stores To Visit

Black Friday 2017 is going to be a big day and will offer some of the hottest deals and online sales to the people. Some retailers are better than others in terms of offering big discounts and providing better services to the customers. We have gathered some information regarding the best three retailers of Black Friday 2016 which offered mind-blowing deals to their customers:


Today Amazon deals are the best ones and it is considered as the online selling giant. Amazon already offered one of the best deals on Amazon Prime Day and it’s a fact it will go all-out when the Black Friday event will be near. Mostly Amazon starts out its sales a few days earlier than Black Friday and reduces the price of many items up to 50%. This year Amazon today’s deals are most likely to reduce the price of its own products too. There will be Black Friday clothing sales, Black Friday watch deals, furniture, smartphones, TVs, laptops, and much more to buy.

Top Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Currys PC World:

Currys PC World is UK’s largest electrical retailer and it offers numerous big deals and discounts on items from the big brands such as Samsung, Bosch, Sony, LG, Nespresso, HP, Beats, and Dyson. The deals will start at 6 am on Black Friday and you will be able to benefit from the huge Black Friday sales on TVs, laptops, smartphones, Gaming consoles, and other items.


Argos offers good deals for smartphones, tablets, and different types of homeware. You can also find good Black Friday toys deals at this retailer too. Argos is one of the best online retailers and if you want to benefit from the huge discounts available on the Black Friday, you must visit this online store too.

Tips To Get The Best Deal On Black Friday

Black Friday deals are super hot and amazing but the surprising fact about these sales is that some of the best Black Friday deals are not on black Friday. Some online retailers offer excellent deals prior to Black Friday, such as Amazon. This year, the competition among different retailers is quite fierce and everyone is trying to beat their competitors in terms of sales.

According to a research, the best deals hit the peak one week before Thanksgiving. For example, the best deals for toys can be availed before Thanksgiving. The average savings on the Black Friday sales account to 37% and it’s the same thing offered one day prior and after Thanksgiving.

To get the best deals and save big during the sales season, don’t forget to follow these tips:

  • Always keep yourself aware of upcoming sales and deals on Black Friday. Don’t just focus on Black Friday or Thanksgiving, but also be aware of the top Cyber Monday deals 2017. Also, make sure that you check the Green Monday deals that is the last day to avail the sales before Christmas.
  • Online retailers keep on updating their deals and prices throughout the entire shopping season and you should regularly visit the online stores to get the best ones for yourself. Going through these deals early will help you shop for the best deals available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Most of the online retailers try to match their competitor’s price or tend to offer a price lower than that. So, if you want to buy a certain product, visit every retailer to find that product and then go for the one that offers the best deal.
  • Some retailers also allow their customers to name their own price. Such as Greentoe offers good deals for electronics and home appliances and baby items.
  • Always start early if you want to save money on this holiday weekend. Also, prepare yourself for shopping and you can do this by visiting various sites such as net and gottadeal.com. These websites allow you to search your desired products according to categories.
  • Never forget to compare prices at different retailers. There are many websites too, that allows you to compare different prices. These sites include comfatwallet.com, and pricegrabber.com.
  • Sign up for the alerts and news regarding Black Friday here. Subscribing to the email alerts is free and this way you can keep yourself more aware of the upcoming deals and hottest items available for sale.
  • The Black Friday 2017 countdown has already begun and we want our readers to stay alert if they want to avail some of the big discounts.

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving day is held on the fourth Thursday of November, and Thanksgiving 2017 will happen on 23rdof November this year. This day is celebrated as a holiday in U.S. and people tend to plan get togethers and various events, and the most important of all, they go for shopping. The history of Thanksgiving dates back to 1863 when an annual holiday was announced at that time.

The Thanksgiving dates back to even before 19th century and according to some findings, people celebrated and gave thanks as the rain that caused a drought ended. Since the Thanksgiving origin, this day became a custom and it is celebrated till now. The Canadian Thanksgiving and Christian thanksgiving fall on the same day and are observed as a national holiday, however, they have a bit different thanksgiving background.

What day is thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and celebrate a dinner with family and friends. It’s time for party and family thanksgiving events. This day is always celebrated one day before Black Friday and is considered as a long four-day weekend which consists of sales and discount offers by various retailers.

Following are some interesting facts related to the story of Thanksgiving:

  • Canadian Thanksgiving started 43 years earlier than the Christian thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving was held in North America which is now Newfoundland in Canada. If you are wondering how long the first Thanksgiving last, we don’t have much idea because the Christian thanksgiving was celebrated 43 years after that, in Massachusetts.
  • Thanksgiving origin is a very broad one and many people have contributed to its establishment. Sarah Joseph Hale, wrote letters to President Lincoln for 17 years to ask him to declare a national holiday as Thanksgiving. She is the one who is the author of the nursery rhyme ‘Marry had a little lamb’.
  • Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving and it is the busiest day for most of the people, especially the labors.
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2016 was a big event and this year, it is expected to be the same because of the Thanksgiving 2017 deals. Every year Google comes across millions of searches related to ‘Happy Thanksgiving cards’, ‘Happy Thanksgiving family and friends’, ‘Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish’, ‘Happy Thanksgiving images’, and much more.

Best Things To Do On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and cherish what you have. You can organize Thanksgiving dinner and go for shopping as there are many sales out there. You can send Thanksgiving cards to your loved ones. There are many Thanksgiving quotes and Thanksgiving sayings related to the event which you can write on your cards. These quotes and sayings can also be written on a yard sign or chart where a Thanksgiving party is being held.

You can decorate your house with unique Thanksgiving crafts and wishes such as ‘Happy Thanksgiving wishes for everyone’. Many stores, supermarkets, and retailers put boards with happy thanksgiving messages written such as ‘Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family’. There are various Happy Thanksgiving animated cards available too, that look alluring and are perfect to be sent to your loved ones.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

Cyber Monday 2017 will be another big day and it will be celebrated after Thanksgiving followed by Black Friday 2017. Cyber Monday is going to be held on 27th of Nov, 2017 and retailers will offer big bargains and discounts on this day.

Cyber Monday Deals Are About To Start In Just

 The concept of Cyber Monday isn’t that old as Thanksgiving and Black Friday and it was first introduced in 2004. However, after that, it has become a necessity as it offers great savings options to shoppers. Cyber Monday 2016 was a big event and people spent more than $1 billion on purchasing products online.

Why is Cyber Monday So Important?

This day is going to be full of top cyber Monday deals 2017 and millions of shopaholics will benefit from them. There will be Cyber Monday 2017 Apple deals, sales on TVs, clothes, Toys, gadgets, and much more. If you love Cyber Monday jewelry, this is the right time for you to shop. All the big retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Currys PC World, John Lewis, and many others will be presenting their products on huge discounts. This day is considered a good time for the pre-Christmas sales and it will start at midnight after the Black Friday.

One of the best things about Cyber Monday is that most of the retailers offer a 24 hour convenience and the shoppers feel it easier to shop anytime they want. Some people who visit the stores physically, want to avoid the huge crowds on Black Friday and thus they wait for Cyber Monday to arrive. The retailers on this day also go for ‘free shipping’ offers to increase the sales to have more online customers. To get the top cyber Monday deals 2017, we recommend you to subscribe our newsletter to get best deals directly in your inbox.

Top Cyber Monday Deals 2017

When this time of the year comes around, people start searching for the best Cyber Monday Deals and trust me there are hundreds and thousands of attractive deals available. Some of the favorite selling items will be Cyber Monday Apple Deals.

The hottest selling items of Cyber Monday 2016 were iPhone 7, PS4, Xbox One, iPad, Google Home, LG 4K TV, and Asus Gaming Laptop.

Cyber Monday jewelry was also a hot item, and many retailers had offered big bargains and discounts on trendy jewelry from the leading bands. We also recommend searching for the ‘best Bose Cyber Monday Deals’ if you want to.

Bottom Line:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 will offer a plethora of hottest deals and huge bargains and most of the retailers start offering them few days prior to these events.

To predict some of the hottest deals in this upcoming event, all we can guess is that iPhone X and iPhone 8 deals will be the best ones. Retailers will also offer big discounts on PS4 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Alexa, 4K TVs, Laptops, Cameras, and headphones.

We want our readers to make a shopping list of the necessary items and plan ahead of everything and always keep a check on the online stores to grab the hottest deals. We wish our readers a happy shopping weekend in November.

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