LG 15EL9500 OLED TV Reviews

One of the best OLED TV review is for the LG 15EL9500.  This OLED TV incorporates a variety of desirable features.  An external aerial is needed but there is a Freeview tuner inside.  The HD Ready resolution for this model is an impressive 1366 x 768, almost making up for its smaller size.  Blu-ray enthusiasts can hook up a player with the HDMI cable included with the TV.

The color contrast ratio is one million to one with deep blacks and incredible colors.  Even action-packed visuals won’t cause a blur on this lifelike OLED TV.  A USB slot makes it possible to have a memory stick or USB drive to view JPEG pics, play DivX videos and listen to MP3 tunes.  The contrast is terrific, making this viable model for many viewers who don’t want to pay major dollars for a larger screen OLED TV.  LG expects to sell up to 300,000 of these OLED TVs this year.

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