MyGoTV DHT235D Portable 3.5 OLED TV

Another technology option introduced in 2010 was the MyGoTV DHT235D portable 3.5-inche OLED TV. This small device offered a small, lightweight TV on-the-go. It features LCD viewing with good reception and signal strength.

The television comes with a 3.5 digital pocket television. It operates by AC plug or using 4 AA batteries. While many television companies are working on creating a bigger television with a superior picture, there is an ongoing market for portable television. Since OLED technology is successfully used in mobile devices, buyers are sure to look for it in portable devices.

This market is another possibility with room for expansion in the future. As the best OLED TV options are researched and developed, an array of sizes will become available. Certain users want a television in their pocket, vehicle or office. Others look for a large, crisp television in their living room where they can invite friends over to see favorite shows, movies and sporting events.

The developers of the best OLED TV will consider the demands of the public as they continue to refine this technology and create innovative viewing experiences. If the televisions are so thin they roll-up, users may not mind carrying a large television on-the-go. OLED TV technology is lightweight and portable, making it convenient in an array of situations.