Reasons People Can’t Wait to Get the Best OLED TV

There are numerous reasons why people can’t wait to get their hands on the best OLED TV. As the preliminary OLED TV reviews start to be released, the excitement is building. New technology offers a wealth of possibilities. There is also the desire to be the first one on the block with this eye-catching television experience.

OLED TV will be thin and lightweight. The advent of LED LCDs a few years ago had everyone anxious to get rid of their old, oversize televisions. Moving these televisions was a huge hassle. It often took two or three people to move a television from one room to another.

The LED LCD televisions were lightweight and made moving easy. This was particularly desirable for people on-the-go, such as students or workers with mobile jobs. It wasn’t such as problem to move a television to another destination.

The OLED TV is sure to be a breeze to carry. Some are paper thin and unbelievably light. The idea of rolling up a television is almost unbelievable. These televisions could be taken anywhere. As the technology improves, this would mean TV would be viewed in the most unlikely destinations. From campsites to college campuses, the OLED TV could be there.

Each year the Consumer Electronics Show opens up a world of alluring possibilities to tech followers. This year the focus was the best OLED TV. With both LG and Samsung unveiling a 55-inch OLED TV, the hype was high. Many media outlets felt the LG was the best OLED TV in the show.

Another reason people find OLED TV desirable is the use of less power. In a time when everyone is going green, OLED TV will save power. As folks flock to find out about electric cars, hybrids and fuel alternatives, it seems natural they would be interesting in power-saving television technology.

The best OLED TV picture seems to be the big lure. As we learned from the history and evolution of television and 3D technology, the goal is always a better viewing experience. The color contrast ratio is like no other television on the market. A better black level adds to its desirability.

Once upon a time, people could not wait to get LED LCD televisions. Now most people have a flat screen television and are retiring those heavy, rounded models of yesteryear. Soon these televisions will be replaced by the best OLED TV. As more people want the, the quality will continue to improve and prices will go down.

Adding to the idea of innovation, Samsung and LG are also going beyond the remote control. At the Consumer Electronics Show, they introduced concepts such as gesture control. The days of losing a remote control in the sofa would be over. People could wave a hand to turn up the volume or change the channel.

Another option shown was facial recognition. By simply looking at your television, you will be logged into certain services. When the remote control was introduced in the 1970s and 1980s, people could not believe they could sit in a chair and change the channel. For decades, people had to get up to control the television using a dial. Now the remote control might be device that gets retired in the future.

Another way people might be communicating with the best OLED TV is speech recognition. Imagine talking to your television and having it respond. The concept is being implemented by Samsung and LG and is being put into some of their 2018 television models. The company responsible for this audio power is Nuance. Soon people might simply tell their television to power up to turn it on and start watching their favorite program.