Samsung 75-inch ES9000 Smart TV Reviews

The Samsung 75 inch ES9000 Smart TV is a new LED TV set released with a difference. It comes with an incredible range of smart features, as invented by Samsung. It is described as a ‘smart TV’ due to its ‘Smart Interaction’ feature that allows contact with the television through gesture interaction and voice control. On top of this, it has a Smart Evolution upgrade capability through an empty chip slot which will allow a new more advanced chip to be fitted in times to come. There is also facial recognition technology and Smart TV applications can run at the same time due to a 1GHz dual core processor. A pop-up webcam at the top of the TV can be used for gesture control, video conferencing and face recognition.

The Samsung are adamant that this television is bringing in a new era of ‘minimalistic design’ and that the model is valuable for being ‘the culmination of Samsung’s latest design and engineering technologies’. The TV also has competition from OLED TVs coming up by LG. This model’s main competition comes from the Panasonic IMAX however, which is an Ultra High Definition TV at 145 inches.

Samsung has therefore added many of its own unique features to make the TV more desirable. Instead of relying on complicated controls to show off these advanced features, the company has created a simple, easy to navigate gesture interaction control system. It is very similar to the motion tracking on the Microsoft Kinect machine and not really like the Wiimote. The microphone is put in the remote instead of the television so it is closer to the user. This allows voice controls to tell the TV what to do. For example, the voice recognition will recognize a particular voice to call up the web, apps that stream media and a Samsung Smart Hub that lets you rent videos. The voice command ‘power on’ will turn the TV on from standby mode and the TV recognizes some email addresses spoken aloud and some search terms.  For most URLS you will have to use the onscreen keyboard, however.

The Samsung ES9000 naturally comes with Wi-Fi and an app store where you may purchase Samsung apps and other major apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora and YouTube. With the integrated microphone and webcam you may turn on the TV, go to the app store, change the volume and browse the internet. A clever facial recognition technology will ensure that users you do not know will not be able to purchase apps from the store, useful if you have children who are eager to do this when you are not around. The webcam unit at the top of the television is also retractable. You may perform network streaming at home from Netflix or BBC iPlayer depending on your location and be able to make use of other web-connected widgets. You could also stream from a NAS computer. The TV will link wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or speakers. An available Samsung app lets you use your Smartphone as a television remote. Bluetooth is of course included and the television can be paired with Bluetooth keyboards and Apple keyboards.

This ES9000 TV as part of the ES series has gone up in size from the 7500 and 8000 series, which had televisions in 51 and 55 inches only. The 55 inch television was significantly lower priced at just $4000. This is less than a quarter of the price of the ES9000.

The ES9000 has received some very positive reviews about the quality of viewing, with many praising the brightness of the colours on the screen and the brightness of the screen itself. The TV has been described online as a ‘behemoth’ and a ‘mammoth’ for being so large at its screen size of 75 inches. It certainly looks amazingly impressive on display but some will find its size impractical or not suited to their home space. In some ways, bigger is not always better. Since the television is at such an early stage, there are limited critics and consumer reviews for it online. Of course, all this will change following its worldwide launch.

The Samsung ES9000 TV was recently released in the US at the Samsung SpaceFest Festival in July 2018 as an LED TV. This event was held at the New York Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum to celebrate the arrival of the Space Shuttle Enterprise to the museum. Demonstrations, displays and exhibits were held at the event which took place from 19-22 July. Samsung Electronics America was very proud to release their ES9000 TV to satiate those ever looking for a larger and larger TV. The 75 inch television is one of the biggest to date and has a very thin attractive rose-gold bezel at just 0.31 inches. The aesthetic result is a seamless transition from frame to screen. Samsung were also happy to announce a new Angry Birds completely gestured controlled app.

The ES9000 LED TV has been described as ‘larger than life’ by viewers. It has so many other features to recommend it apart from its size. It has a built in camera that is invisible when not in use and pops up when needed. It has Smart TV features like Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution. These features were all released earlier in the year and the ES9000 has all of them. IT even has a Smart Evolution facility, which will let those who wish to upgrade their TV to the very latest technology, can do through the Smart Evolution kit to be sold separately in 2013. The other clever feature the television has is Sound Share, which connects the TV sound by Bluetooth to Samsung Series 6 and 7 Audio with dock systems.

The ES9000 is one of the first televisions to include a dual core processor, which will make the television able to multi-task effectively and work faster. Downloading and using multiple apps will be a possibility as will quickly accessing and searching on the net. Samsung’s ES9000 has one of the best TV displays out there and the quality of viewing is fantastic. This is due to Samsung Micro Dimming Ultimate and Precision Black local Dimming technology. This makes colours brighter and adds more details to the screen picture. The TV has the highest contrast ratio as yet seen in a Samsung television. All this is being retailed at a price of $9,999 and it is available to purchase at for $8,997.

Joseph Stinziano who is the US Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment has described how for him this television is about how Samsung is ‘driven to push boundaries and deliver a sense of wonder and delight’. He also described the new Angry Birds app as ‘a literally game-changing new app’. The TV is suitable for all the family as it also comes with four pairs of 3D glasses without extra cost. The built in camera will be very useful for those who enjoy using video calling like Skype. All in all this is a very sophisticated TV with all the right features, hence its relatively expensive cost.

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